Sunday, August 14, 2011

100 Days To Heaven

100 Days to Heaven is actually the title of the tv series aired by ABS-CBN during prime time after the TVPatrol.

The story is about a woman who died and was denied entry to heaven. The door keeper named St. Peter give the woman a chance to correct her wrongdoing. The woman is sent back to earth in the form of a child and she has given 100 days to do her mission. Once she fulfill her mission, she will be given admission to enter heaven.

But this story is just a fiction and is based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church that the soul of the dead man goes directly to heaven or hell or to purgatory.

However, it is a direct contradiction to the truth teaches by the bible. The bible teaches that when man dies, his body will return to dust, his soul will stay with the dust and his spirit will be taken back to God.

So in other words, there is no purgatory. And it is not true that the soul of the dead will go directly to his destination, the heaven or the hell or the purgatory.

But, we enjoyed watching it. The actors and actresses are good and the story are well written.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Allergy to Hacking News

First, I heard of hackers hacked the Twitter. Then the same hackers hacked the China's largest search engine These hackers introduced themselves as hackers from Iran. The message posted at Twitter while in the state of defaced is the same message shown in

However, the hackers from China did the counter attack. They hacked an Iranian website and posted their message to Iranian hackers warning them not to attack any Chinese websites.

I feel scared of this. Actually, I was once a victim of hacking. I have a website which was hacked on March 2004, just a day before my birthday.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is My Blog Hacked?

Yesterday, when I was checking the blogs I created under my account, I noticed that a post was posted on this blog under the May 2009 archive.

This post actually made me panic for a while. I was thinking who made that post because what I remembered is I haven't posted anything from here since I created this blog.

I immediately asked my self, is my blogger account hacked by somebody?

Before I answered the question, I immediately changed the password of my blogger account. Just in case it was hacked, I can still secure it by changing password.

After that, I think and think again. Until one time I realized that it's me who made that post.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Never Used

For a long time already, this blog was not used. I think, now is the right time to use this. I will just post anything I want even if they are not related to the Stairway to Heaven telenovela aired before at the GMA7